The Film

Our Story
Veteran LAPD Detective Henry Cardenas faces off against his toughest suspect yet, Vince, a prime murder suspect who claims to be a fallen angel.

The Ascent script was 131 pages long, with most scenes taking place in one interrogation room, with only two actors.

High concept, ultra low budget, the film is a testament to the power of truly independent film.
Vince preparing to open up to Henry.

Although Los Angeles is the land o'plenty when it comes to actors, finding the right talent for these roles was a production all its own.

We spent a year in Pre-Production seeking out the talent that rounded out our cast.

The role of Henry Cardenas was the most challenging to fill. Luckily Miguel Perez lent his amazing talent to the film.
Henry is all ears. 


Film production took place on location in Los Angeles, Ca.

The bulk of the film was shot at our Police Station, and the Crime Scene locations.

The film was shot over a period of thirteen days.


Cast and Crew rehearsing for a long steadicam shot.


Arguably the most work has taken place in editing the film.

Starting with such a rich script and toning it down to a fairly brisk runtime was quite a task.

We were fortunate to have a wealth of fantastic material to work with.

The film runs 98 minutes.

Henry and Vince face one another in the edit.

Film Festivals

We premiered the film at the 19th Nevermore Film Festival in North Carolina this Feburary, wining Audience Award Best North American Feature.

We've played the film in North Carolina, England, New York City, Atlanta,  Ohio, Las Vegas, Venice Beach, Virginia, Illinois, Texas, and Germany!

Check back for more screenings!

Director Tom Murtagh, and Producer Matt Renoir doing a Q&A.