The Ascent

                       Veteran Detective Henry Cardenas faces his toughest case in Vince,
                      a prime murder suspect who claims to be a fallen angel.
The Film

The Ascent is a Supernatural Detective Thriller written and directed by Tom Murtagh. The film stars Miguel Perez, Stephen Buchanan,
Sam Rodd, Amber Waller, David Castaneda, and Anisha Adusumilli.


Vince Says

  1. I jumped after you.
    Vince Marins
  2. They call me Lucifer's Kid Brother.
    Vince Marins
  3. You've been in a swarm of locusts, haven't you?
    Vince Marins
  4. You think I killed her.
    Vince Marins
  5. Ever listen to the words of 'Danny Boy?' Morbid.
    VInce Marins